A code of ethics for consulting services

A code of ethics for consulting services

Can you do the job?

There are two aspects of this particular question. When you advertise your consulting services,A code of ethics for consulting services Articles avoid painting a false picture of what you can do. Do not invest in a puffed up advertisement when you cannot provide all the services mentioned. This creates a bad impression on clients when they finally meet you as it pretty much amounts to a lie.

When dealing with existing clients, be honest about how much responsibility you can or cannot take on at a particular time. If you are too burdened, ask if you can outsource to another consultant. Avoid taking on more clients than you can handle, since it isn’t fair to either your new or old client. They deserve your best quality work.

The importance of discretion

As a consultant, you are privy to your tech advisory client’s confidential information. You have access to information that is crucial to the successful functioning of your client’s business and it is a powerful tool in your hand. At no point of time should you give away your client’s business plans and ideas to benefit your own company or some other client’s. Discretion is the mark of a professional consultant and will add value to the service you provide.

Time allocation and consulting fees

Be honest and generous about the fees your charge for your services and make sure you bill your clients accurately. Keep track of exactly how much time you devote to a client so that you can send them exact figures on the bill. Make sure there are no mix ups while charging your clients. A company shouldn’t have to pay for work that wasn’t done for them.

Client relationships

As a consulting service, you must maintain a professional relationship with your clients. A good relationship can be professional without straying over the line and becoming personal. Forging a personal relationship with clients is unethical as it clouds your objectivity towards them.

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